It has been three years since the collapse of the Galactic Republic.

The Sith Lord known as Darth Szuu has succeeded in crippling the Republic, killing more than 90% of the sitting Senators in a series of terrorist bombings. In the vicious war that followed, Jedi and Republic Soldier alike fell beneath the combined onslaught of the Sith and the Mandalorian clans.

Due in no small part to the heroic, fearless battlefield leadership of some of the youngest Jedi Knights in the history of the Order, the momentum that the Sith had won with their bombing and subsequent surprise attacks was turned. Many lives were lost on both sides, and the war settled into a stalemate.

The Republic was not without its significant victories in the end months. By staging a daring assault on a secret Sith laboratory on Dantooine, a small team of Jedi Knights managed to slay Darth Morrigan and put an end to her horrifying “Sith Marauder” program, which turned slain Jedi and Sith alike into half-machine monstrosities of war fueled by raw Dark Side energy.

That was six months ago. Szuu has vanished, and the Sith forces are now without any unified leadership. Planetary warlords and system governors are squabbling with one another over power, each vying to become a Dark Lord in their own right.

The Republic is in no better shape, with the Senate decapitated and the Army disorganized. The Jedi are too busy with humanitarian efforts and the managing the logistics of the crippled government to effectively face the Sith in battle.

The Republic must be built anew. The Jedi Order must be reconstituted. The Sith and their allies must be driven back. Peace and balance must be brought back to the galaxy.

Szuu must be found and brought to justice.

Star Wars: Shattered Nemesis

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